Ski Lodge: If Summer and Winter Had a Baby, It Would Sound Like This

During Jaialdi 2010, I met a cool Basque American kid from Portland named John Barinaga at Leku Ona‘s bar. I don’t remember much from that night, but these are the things I remember:

  • I thought he was cute.
  • He didn’t know many young people.
  • He was getting drunk at the bar with his dad.
  • His dad kept telling him to dump his girlfriend because I was a lot nicer.
  • I introduced him to my friends because he didn’t know many young people.
  • And because I thought he was cute.

Fast forward three years later, John lives in Brooklyn and plays guitar in an up-and-coming band called Ski Lodge.


I don’t want to sound like a groupie here, but this band is actually really good. Ski Lodge is like The Smiths meets dancy surf rock. At first I wasn’t too sure how that combination sat with me, but it quickly grew on me.

When I listen to Ski Lodge, I imagine Morrissey sitting on a beach in an ironically worn Hawaiian shirt, sipping on a Mai Tai trying to have a good time, but ever compelled to sing about his sorrows like a pre-teen girl’s diary entry. Because he just can’t help it.

Doesn’t that sound like fun? Give them a listen.

You can keep up with Ski Lodge through their websiteFacebook, and Twitter, or download their debut album Big Heart on iTunes now.