The Most Ridiculous Basque Proverb

Children! Be quiet until the chickens pee.

– Basque Proverb

Original: Umeak! Isilik oiloak pixa egin arte.

chickensI had to post this proverb because it’s kind of hilarious. I’m a city girl to the core, so I’m assuming “until the chickens pee” is the same as until they wake up? Like, the kids are supposed to be quiet until morning? Right?

I think all Basque parents should say this to their children on a regular basis. Let’s make “Be quiet until the chickens pee” a thing, Amerikanuak.


One comment on “The Most Ridiculous Basque Proverb

  1. Maite says:

    This is hilarious. I think the english version is “Children should be seen and not heard”. You’ll never actually see a chicken pee, they don’t pee like other animals.

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